Welcome to the 2020 Yuma County Fair Online Entry System!
You must complete the online entry for your animal before the required Junior Livestock day.
Before you begin the online Entry process, have your entry information ready and print a copy of these instructions, this will help ensure that your entries are processed entirely.  If you are leaving the website at any time YOU MUST CLICK “SAVE CART” to retain any information that you have entered.  You may return and continue by “Signing -In”  If you have any questions please email the Junior Livestock Committee Office Manager at renaehensley@aol.com.
    1. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click “Sign-in
    2. You’ll see a dropdown box where you should choose “Exhibitor” or “Quick Group”.  A “Quick Group” allows you to enter multiple exhibitors and will only charge your credit card one time. (This works great for families)
    3. Fill in the “Exhibitor’s” First and Last name OR the “Quick Groups” name, then choose one of the following:  “I am a mew exhibitor or have yet to register this year” OR I have previously registered”  Choose the second option only if you have previously submitted an entry for this 2020 Yuma County Fair.  You will be required to enter your password.
    4. If you are a new exhibitor, you will need to complete the information asked for on the following page.  (Please verify that your email address is correct as this is where your receipt will be sent). Click “Continue”.
    5. Create a password using letter and/or numbers (Max. 11 characters).  Letters are case sensitive.  Hint: Keep it simple so you can remember it.  In the future, if you don’t remember your password, email the JLC Office Manager and I will email it back to you.
    6. When entering as a “Quick Group”’ complete entries for an exhibitor, then select exhibitors before you select “Check Out”.  If you happen to go to “Check Out”’ you can go back, if you haven’t charged your credit card yet. NOTE:  Your session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity, periodically click “Save the Cart”.  This will help prevent losing your information and having to start over.  If you have not entered anything or
      "Saved Your Cart”, you will need to log back in as a new exhibitor.
    7. Moving on.  Choose the appropriate Department, Division using the dropdown tools.  If you are entering multiple animals in the same division, you can click “Add similar Entry”.  To add an entry to a different division, click “Add Different Entry”.  If you are entering a Small Animal, it doesn’t matter how many animals you plan to enter, you will only need 1 entry per division.  If you are entering animals for both 4-H and FFA, you will need to 2 entries.  Example: 1 Rabbit 4-H club and 1 Rabbit FFA.
 Showmanship is included with all your entries.
    1. Once you have finished adding entries to your cart, click “Continue”.  This will take you the Additional Items Fee Page where you can order a souvenir 2020 Yuma County Fair Junior Livestock Show T-shirt.  Click “Continue”.
    2. Review Your Cart”.  Please review your cart as we do not offer refunds!  If everything is correct, click “Check Out”.  
    3. Payment page:  Online payment of fees are mandatory!  Please select the type of credit card you will be using and complete the information for that card.  Click “Continue”.  
    4. Confirmation Page:  Read Signature Page.  Once you have read this page you must type in the word “YES” and then click “Submit” to fully submit your entries.  You will be able to print your receipt; it will also be emailed to the email address you provided.
You will need to bring a copy of your receipt with you to the tag day of your species.  On the receipt there is an Exhibitor signature line that must be signed by exhibitor, and a Parent/Guardian signature line that must be signed if the exhibitor is under the age of 18.